• GEPLAATST OP:28th March 2020

We are pleased to announce that as of today, our company name changes to THE QUINOA COMPANY. This change emphasizes our new ambition as leading player in the global quinoa industry, in addition to being your dedicated supplier of Dutch-grown quinoa. We are now the holder of the global licensing rights of Wageningen University and Research’s wide range of quinoa varieties. In this position, we support an expanding global network of local quinoa production partners. This serves our mission of making sustainable, locally-grown quinoa accessible to everyone on the planet.

Our activities
We work on two complimentary fronts. We collaborate with Wageningen University and Research on a world-class quinoa breeding program which delivers outstanding quinoa varieties designed to meet the demands of both consumers and farming partners We also offer a wide range of high-quality quinoa ingredients. We provide you with tailormade ingredient solutions, R&D support and organize local sourcing globally.

Furthermore, traceability and sustainability are the core of the production standards in our global network. Our production partners guarantee high-quality and sustainably-grown quinoa in your local market.

Our guarantee:

  • Superior, non-bitter quinoa varieties
  • Traceability in origin
  • Consistent, high-quality products
  • Reliable supply and stable priceLoQal
    Our quinoa varieties will be available with the B2B global trademark “LoQal™”. LoQal™ quinoa is wholegrain which ensures LoQal™ varieties are of high nutritional quality. Also its non-GMO and non-bitter which means that seeds don’t have to be washed or abrasively polished during processing. As a result, unnecessary water use and processing costs are reduced.

    What can you expect?
    By acquiring the license we are from now on able to source our LoQal™ quinoa varieties for you from every continent. Participating in breeding enables us to serve your future demands even better by selecting the best varieties for your business.

    We would be happy to explain you more about our company and introduce our superior quinoa varieties, ingredients and our global sourcing supply chain model.  Please contact us or visit the website.