Our Dutch varieties of quinoa goes global!

  • GEPLAATST OP:28th March 2020

In 2014, Quinoa gained global fame as a superfood from Soutch America. But now Dutch quinoa varieties go worldwide with Dutch Quinoa Group.

“In the way we are doing this, the production goes hand in hand with local ethics.”

For now, Dutch Quinoa group has 40 farmers in their network who will as expeted 200.000 till 300.000 kilos of quinoa to put on the market.
” Most of this is supplied to food producers, but to get closer to the cosumer and what they want, we also have our own consumer brand it called “Lola Quinoa“. Lola is the abbreviation of “lowlands”.

Last week RTL Z publiced a really extended article about us and the quinoa market. Interested? You can read the article her.